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Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the University of California – Hasting College of Law against the Christian Legal Society. You can read the official opinion here on Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (U.C. Hastings) here (PDF …Read More

I have been watching for some time the move in Europe to limit religious liberty for the sake of, well, liberty. At least that’s what they’re saying in Europe: limit liberty for the sake of liberty. Hmmm. My attention was …Read More

57% of Americans Favor the National Day of Prayer According to a recent USA Today/Gallup Poll of 1,000 adults, 57% of Americans favor the National Day of Prayer, 38% don’t care either way, 4.5% oppose it, and .5% don’t know …Read More

A couple of years ago I became aware of tothesource when one of their journalists interviewed me about the reliability of the gospels. I was impressed by the quality of the conversation, and signed up to receive their weekly emails. …Read More