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Wherever I go these days, people are complaining about college football. This odd fact will make more sense if you know that I live in Texas and have recently vacationed in Southern California. Texas is, after all, the home of …Read More

One of the running jokes in my family has to do with my peculiar fascination with poison oak. When we’d go hiking in the foothills of California, which are often covered with poison oak, I’d be shouting out warnings: “Poison …Read More

  Warning: Parents, this post is inappropriate for children. (Actually, it’s not really appropriate for anyone, but I think it’s worth posting anyway. Today I received a dozen or more emails from friends, including a comment from my mother, who …Read More

Recently my family and I went on a short camping trip to Big Sur, California. This is one of the prettiest spots in the whole state, and, in my opinion, in the whole country. Big Sur combines rugged coastline with …Read More