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I recently posted a series of photographs of New York, souvenirs of a sprink break trip. Undeniably, there is more to see in this city than in just about any place else on earth. And more to smell. This fact …Read More

Finally, three more photos of New York City. I’ve never seen anything like these before, anywhere. First, an M&M rainbow from the M&M store on Broaday. You don’t get those colors in your normal bag of M&Ms. I saw the …Read More

Here are some more things that you don’t see every day . . . unless you happen to be in New York City. And even then you might not see them every day, but you could. The Irises by Vincent …Read More

Here are a few photos from my recent trip to New York. They’re sights you don’t see very often, if at all, outside of the Big Apple. The elevator indicates that we’re on the 86th floor (of the Empire State …Read More