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Growing up in Southern California, I never really experienced autumn. Yes, a few trees in our neighborhood changed colors as the weather got a bit cooler. But there just isn’t much seasonal variation in Southern California. When I went to …Read More

Recently, I’ve been fascinated by big birds in my back yard. No, no, not the Big Bird from Sesame Street (pictured to the right). Rather, I’m talking about hawks and vultures. A certain hawk, at least I think it’s one …Read More

A few days ago I was driving along a country road in Texas when I saw a dead porcupine by the side of the road. I seem to come across porcupine-shaped road kill about once a year since moving to …Read More

I’ve seen both of these moths in the last couple of months. They were both about four to five inches from wingtip to wingtip. This means what you’re seeing below is pretty close to life-sized. Imperial Moth (Laity Lodge, near …Read More

I took this picture in my backyard a few days ago. If you look carefully, you can count twenty Lesser Goldfinches on the two feeders.

Here are three more photos from my recent vacation, which included several marvelous hikes in the High Sierra of California. Bull Lake, outside of Bishop, California. A Sierra Lily, near Mammoth Lakes, California. My son Nathan in a moment of …Read More

Here are three pictures of my son, Nathan, and his cousin, Dustin, on family vacations. Do you get a sense of déjà vu? Wading in Deep Creek, in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, April 2002. Diving into the Stanislaus …Read More

That’s right. A great white shark has been spotted near the placid shores of Orange County, California. Two great whites, actually! Surfers near San Onofre had spotted what seemed to be two great white sharks in the waters near where …Read More

I thought I’d share with you some visual reasons to like California, where I am currently on vacation with my family. I lived in California for most of my life until a move to Texas three years ago. I love …Read More

Last week while at Laity Lodge I ran into a Texas Walkingstick. Now that is one strange bug! The Megaphasma dentricus is the longest insect in the United States. The first one I saw (photographed below) had a body that …Read More