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Like most of the U.S., the Texas Hill Country has had some impressively low temperatures in the last few days. Out at Laity Lodge, which sits next to the Frio River, the temp dropped into single digits at night. That’s …Read More

As most of my readers know, blogging is not my day job. My official title at work is “Senior Director and Scholar-in-Residence for Laity Lodge.” I have served in this role for the last three and a quarter years, after …Read More

Autumn is just now coming to the Texas Hill Country. I thought I’d share with you a couple of photos of Laity Lodge, the retreat center where I work. Laity Lodge is situated on the bank of the Frio River …Read More

A recent USA Today got me thinking. Perhaps there’s a new way for us to promote Laity Lodge . . . by branding food with our logo. According to the article by Bruce Horovitz, “NBA cooks up edible logos to …Read More

Here are some sure signs of spring at Laity Lodge. I took this photos this past weekend. Laity Lodge along the Frio River Claret Cup Cactus (sometimes called Hedgehog Cactus) Swallowtail butterfly on a Praire Verbena (sometimes called Dakota Vervain)

Here are a couple more photos, taken at Laity Lodge last weekend. Enjoy!

Earl Palmer taught at Laity Lodge this past weekend, leading a retreat for Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church. I know that many of my blog readers are familiar with Earl, but if you’re not, let me give a brief bio. Earl, …Read More

Laity Lodge was honored to have as Dr. Michael Lindsay as a speaker at our recent Leaders’ Retreat. Michael is a professor of sociology at Rice University and an award-winning author. His recent book, Faith in the Halls of Power, …Read More

Do I have a recommendation for you! Today marks the full release of an extraordinary album by Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy: Frio Suite. This instrumental collection is engaging, inspiring, quieting, even haunting. It is an extraordinary collaboration of two …Read More

This last weekend we were pleased to welcome Michael Card back to Laity Lodge. Michael, as you probably know, is a highly-regarded Christian singer/songwriter. Among his best known favorites are “El Shaddai,” “Immanuel,” and “Joy in the Journey.”  Michael has …Read More