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Suppose you live in a country that is home . . . but not quite home. You find yourself fitting in to the culture of the place you live, but not quite. You embrace the values of your current home, …Read More

What should be our goal as Christians when it comes to illegal immigration? What are we trying to accomplish? Or what should we be trying to accomplish? For some Christians, the “big goal” has to do, first, with extensive legal …Read More

I have recently read a book that addresses the issue of illegal immigration from a Christian perspective and want to recommend it to you. The book is Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible by M. Daniel …Read More

In last week’s blogging, I was proposing two solid starting points if we want to view illegal immigration from a Christian perspective. The first starting point was Genesis 1, from which we learn the unique dignity of each human being, …Read More

In my effort to view illegal immigration from a Christian perspective, I have suggested that there are two essential biblical starting points. The first is Genesis 1, a passage that reveals the unique nature of human beings as bearers of …Read More

In yesterday’s post, I claimed that, for Christians who are seeking a biblical perspective on illegal immigration, one of the best starting points in Genesis 1. This text reveals the unique identity of human beings as creatures who bear God’s …Read More

Though acknowledging that we might choose one of several valid starting points when seeking a biblical, Christian perspective on illegal immigration, I would argue for the precedence of two. These two starting points get us looking in the right direction …Read More

As I explained in Friday’s post, Christians differ widely on their understanding of illegal immigration and what should be done about it. This doesn’t mean that every Christian perspective is equally valid, however. Many are based on an inadequate grasp …Read More

If you’ve been following this blog series on illegal immigration, or if you’ve been listening to Christians talk about this issue, then you know there is a wide array of opinions, many of which are contradictory. Consider, for example, the …Read More

In the last two days I’ve posted excerpts from the Cross Examinations conversation of illegal immigration. If you read these, and especially if you read the longer pieces from which they were taken, you’ll notice a wide diversity of viewpoints …Read More