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I just got an email from the Customer Service Department of It seems they’re concerned about account and need my financial information. I’m a big fan of Amazon and buy lots of books from them, but I must say …Read More

Hey, I’m fully aware and supportive of the fact that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” And I’m all for keeping Christ in Christmas, but somebody in my local Blockbuster video store might want to think twice about how …Read More

Okay, okay. I am usually pretty cranky about businesses that put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. But yesterday I saw something that deserves some attention. I was at a business meeting at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, Texas, near …Read More

A few days ago I was driving along a country road in Texas when I saw a dead porcupine by the side of the road. I seem to come across porcupine-shaped road kill about once a year since moving to …Read More

Check out these stories: U.S. Appeals Court Dismisses Suit Against StarbucksRachel Moltner sued Starbucks because she spilled a cup of Starbucks tea on herself, causing burns and related problems. She sued for $3 million, arguing, among other things, that Starbucks …Read More

I remember my first cup holder. It was an awkward, plastic device that attached to door of my car. It was supposed to hold a small cup or can of soda. It did so, though not very successful. If I …Read More

Here are three pictures of my son, Nathan, and his cousin, Dustin, on family vacations. Do you get a sense of déjà vu? Wading in Deep Creek, in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, April 2002. Diving into the Stanislaus …Read More

On a recent vacation trip to Bishop, California, I saw some curious signs that I thought I’d share with you. DUTCH CLEAN – I’m assuming this means “very clean.” Hence the happy face. I’ve never heard this expression before. Have …Read More

My recent vacation in the High Sierra of California produced some amazing pictures. These were taken by my son, Nathan. I thought you might enjoy them. (I’ll get back to my series on Christians in conflict tomorrow.) Lupine with a …Read More

That’s right. A great white shark has been spotted near the placid shores of Orange County, California. Two great whites, actually! Surfers near San Onofre had spotted what seemed to be two great white sharks in the waters near where …Read More