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A few days ago I put up some thoughts on the Confession app that had stirred the pot of popular opinion. At the center of this app is a guided reflection based on the Ten Commandments. It seems to me …Read More

Henry G. Brinton, a Presbyterian pastor and eloquent commentator of matters of religion and culture, asks in yesterday’s USA Today: “Are social media changing religion?”  The answer must surely be “Yes, in ways we haven’t begun to comprehend.” The trickier …Read More

A couple of days ago I posted excerpts from a recent letter of John Piper to his congregation. In this letter, Piper explains in strikingly honest terms that he is taking an eight-month leave of absence from his pastoral duties …Read More

On Saturday I put up a link to a fascinating article in the Los Angeles Times: “A closer, faster walk with thee.” This article provided many examples of Christians encouraging other believers to grow in their relationship with God by …Read More

A friend of mine (thanks, Don) pointed me to a fascinating article in the Los Angeles Times. It’s called, “A closer, faster walk with thee.” The writer, Duke Helfand, chronicles the growing tendency among American Christians to squeeze God into …Read More