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Well, you don’t see that bumper sticker everyday. Oh, I suppose “Standing Tall” and “Let’s Roll” can be seen here and there, especially in Texas. But “God Bless John Wayne” is a rarity, at least in my experience. I wonder …Read More

Here’s the next addition to my unusual bumper stickers series. This one is sure to bug my friends in California, who tend to think that Texas has too big an ego. (It’s ironic, really, because many of my anti-Texas friends …Read More

Here’s the next installment in my unusual bumper sticker series. This one expresses a sentiment felt by many Americans. . . . I’d say Amen to that, except, as a Presbyterian, I don’t say Amen to things. But I do …Read More

I’ve been noting some unusual bumper stickers recently. These are the sort you don’t see every day, not even in Texas. And you never see things like this in California, at least not in my experience. So I thought I’d …Read More