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Where is God’s Unfailing Love? Psalm 89:1-52 Lord, where is your unfailing love?      You promised it to David with a faithful pledge. Psalm 89:49 Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent, a day to remember how much we need …Read More

In its Opinion Section today, USA Today includes two articles focusing on Advent. Now that is notable all by itself. I can’t remember when a newspaper had two, count ’em, two Advent themed articles. But it’s not all sweetness and …Read More

Streams in the Desert and Shouts of Joy Psalm 126:1-6 Restore our fortunes, LORD,      as streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears      will harvest with shouts of joy. Psalm 126:4-5 Where I live in the Texas …Read More

Waiting for Forgiveness:A Devotion for the Second Sunday of Advent Psalm 130:1-8 LORD, if you kept a record of our sins,      who, O Lord, could ever survive? But you offer forgiveness,      that we might learn to fear you. …Read More

Earlier in this series I mentioned the fact that many Protestant Christians reject Advent because they consider it to be a Roman Catholic practice. For most of these people, it isn’t so much the Roman Catholic aspect of Advent that …Read More

Adam McHugh, who has become one of my favorite writers, has just put up a thoughtful column on Advent at the Patheos website. I encourage you to check out “A Counter-Cultural Quiet in Advent.” Here’s how Adam’s column begins: For …Read More

Earlier in this series I spoke of discovering Advent. Of course I didn’t discover it in the way an explorer discovers a place no one has been before. Millions upon millions of Christians have observed Advent for centuries upon centuries. …Read More

So far in this series I’ve explained what Advent is and why I have found it helpful to observe Advent. If you’re at all convinced, you may wonder what to do about it. In this post and the next in …Read More

In my last post in this series, I told the story of my Advent beginnings. When I started out as pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church in 1991, for the first time in my life, I began to see Advent as …Read More

Please listen, O Shepherd of Israel,     you who lead Joseph’s descendants like a flock.O God, enthroned above the cherubim,     display your radiant glory     to Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh.Show us your mighty power.     Come to rescue us! Psalm 80:1-2 Introduction to …Read More