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Various things I have learned about my wife and women in general. These are things you shouldn’t say or do. I learned some of this the hard way, hopefully you won’t. I’ve been married for several years to my wonderful […]

Dogs are probably the single most beloved animal on the planet. Well, arguably pandas are a tie, but who wants a pet panda? Besides, owning a panda isn’t nearly as fun as owning a dog, because a dog can actually […]

Life fluctuates, there are good days, bad days, and in-between days. Some days a the feeling of invincibility comes over us, when it seems everything is going your ways. Other times the world decides it’s time to whoop our ass, […]

It’s a time-tested and well-worn fable that most women are just floating through life innocently and happily being saints and perfect people until some man comes in and ruins it all. That man can be her father, a boyfriend, a […]

Handling rejection is the most difficult aspect to dating. One of the reasons men and women hesitate from approaching is their own fear being rejected. Approaching a woman lays on the shoulder of us men, and having a woman tell […]

Last week, I woke up to a missed phone call from a friend of mine. Now, I wake up at 6am and generally go to sleep around midnight, which means that this call either came in during booty call hours […]

Valentine’s Day is often a day that single people loathe. It’s a non-stop red-and-pink reminder that you are single. I understand this. I know women who send themselves flowers at work just so people don’t realize that they’re alone. Again, […]

I usually avoid these battle-of-the-sexes type of articles, especially as we continue to discover that men and women aren’t so different after all. But when a popular magazine (even if it is Cosmopolitan) declares they’ve documented several areas in which women are […]

A few weeks ago someone asked me, “What’s up with men and Asians? Why do you go so crazy for them?” The answer was simple, Asian women are considered “exotic”. There’s something different, appearance wise and culturally, that make them stand more than […]

Yes, I know, you want to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise and be better to yourself in 2019. Good for you; those are fine goals. But let’s get a little more specific in the coming year, shall we? I’m just […]