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Lately, everywhere I look I see the terms Alpha and Omega being thrown around like an old sack of rotten potatoes. These are terms that are mainly used by men, especially pick-up artists, in order to describe the differences between […]

Have you ever felt invisible? You see others make friends easily? Get dates while you sit on the sidelines and wonder what’s wrong with you? At times, it can feel like nobody cares about you, and people want nothing to […]

In case all of your single friends have become members of the online dating sites, then you have to understand that online dating is a really a chance to find a good person you will feel really comfortable with. Some years ago online dating did […]

For most online dating sites, there are two predominant factors in how a potential dater perceives you. The pictures you post and what you write. If you are a complete novice or just scared of online dating, I posted an […]

In the jungle, the lion isn’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest – but when he roars, you better believe that every other animal in the jungle stands up and takes notice. When the lion does this, he’s got one goal […]

Breaking up is like a root canal for all those involved. Painful at first and then you go numb. Unfortunately, many questions can dog a process like this and many things can go unexpectedly wrong. Naturally, it is difficult to […]

Recently, a friend of mine went out and bought over two thousands dollars worth of speakers and audio equipment to hook up to his sixty-inch television. As soon as you walk into the place, all you see is motion picture, […]

More couples than any other time in recent memory are cohabitating. Of all the relationship achievements out there, moving in with your girlfriend is without a doubt one of the most energizing things you can get involved as a team. […]

It seems that many men these days believe dates fall into one of three categories: Restaurant A movie A few drinks in a bar Boring! A first date needs to be memorable in order to set you apart from other […]

Does it ever feel lonely being a man? Is it difficult dealing with the demands of the whole world resting upon your shoulders? I hope you’ve got wide shoulders. Not only is a man supposed to be a great lover […]