When you feel like a zero, life can seem pretty miserable much of the time. A person with low self esteem often feels helpless and frequently becomes stuck in unwanted situations that appear to be beyond the person’s power to change. I think that just about every one of us has had periods during which…

I feel a very unusual sensation – if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.  ~Benjamin Disraeli Sometimes we get too used to our lives. I recently returned from on all-expense paid trip to play in a golf competition recently, I started to feel like what I was doing was routine. Then…

Are you trying to overcome low self-esteem so you can attract women? Well, it’s a good way to approach your problem of solving low self-morale but there is more to it. Low self-esteem is devastating. It’s self-destructive and can completely alter someone’s personality. There is an array of problems attached with low self-esteem. If you are wondering…

I love to watch old movies, movies from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, movies that were made when there was a real threat to this country, either from the Nazi’s or the Communists. Certainly this country has enemies, but the threat of defeat or destruction by another country has receded, replaced with localized violence. If you watch these…

Alex Wise

Alex Wise

Welcome to my blog.

I’m Alex. I’m just a normal guy like any other guy. But what makes me different, is what makes you want to keep your eye out for my blog.

I’ve been studying social dynamics and personal development for the last 15 years. I’ve helped men in meeting women. I’ve helped men reaching their goals in life and I’ve helped myself develop the lifestyle that I want.
You can learn all that and draw from my experience through my blog.

Why should you read this blog?
The goal is simply giving you the tools and knowledge in how you can change your life and create the lifestyle that you want.
Do you want to improve your dating life?
Do you have goals you don’t know how to reach?
Do you feel that your life is boring and feel stuck?
I will share my years of experience and knowledge in exactly those areas. Areas in the past which I had trouble with too.

However I’ve found the key to solving those problems and I’m sharing it all here, so you don’t have to go through years of trial and error like me.

What is lifestyle development?
Lifestyle development deals with every area of your life whether it’s being relationships, finances, health or personal growth. The blog’s aim is to help you create the amazing lifestyle that you want. Through my blog you will be able to follow my experiences and lessons. Articles and videos aimed to educate and motivate you into taking the necessary steps in getting the life you deserve.

I am also a freelance editor and writer for Loveawake.com dating site.

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