Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, I don’t see American history helping you much on your bootstrapping argument about past practice and the National Day of Prayer. Remember that Thomas Jefferson actually vetoed day of prayer resolutions as President-and those were usually focused on some …Read More

Before I suggest that readers take a look at a more detailed post-election document, I wanted to note something about your last post.  If prayer is to be taken seriously, we have to know what the praying is for.  I’m …Read More

We both know that law enforcement officials can investigate”fraud” without passing new laws against specific activities like reading Tarotcards.  In fact back in l944 the SupremeCourt allowed the Postal Service to investigate something called the “I Am”movement that was soliciting …Read More

Jay, maybe we should take a breath from national politicsfor a few days and get local.  I live in Montgomery County, Maryland,just outside of Washington.  I was quite surprised to learn from a gueston my radio show that diviners or …Read More

I literally did see a rainbow over here in Ireland about the time an important case was being argued before the Supreme Court of Florida.  I did not find any leprechauns with or without pot of gold. However, here’s the prize as …Read More