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Jay, The “Ground Zero Mosque” debate continues. I appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on Friday evening to discuss the issue with Walid Shoebat – a man who claims he’s a Muslim terrorist turned Christian. Because of Shoebat’s …Read More

Jay, Let’s be real here. Do you really think these lawsuits have a single winning argument? And, frankly, since when do state attorneys general have standing in matters like this? Frankly, I think opponents of health care reform are getting …Read More

Jay, I’m happy to talk about your fears about creeping internationalism and the end of United States sovereignty.  But wait!  You provide no evidence that this administration wants to give up America’s constitutional form of government or even its currency (that fear …Read More

Nevada Senator Jon Ensign has leaped into the debate over the District of Columbia’s school voucher program with both feet.  Although not usually known in Congress for his interest in education, his interest in ideology is apparent justification for attempting …Read More