Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, You must REALLY like the Burlington Coat Factory. That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with for why the American Center for Law and Justice, which claims it’s all about preserving Americans’ religious freedom, would file a …Read More

Barry,   While we don’t agree on the outcome of the Supreme Court decision in the case of  Christian Legal Society v. Martinez – there’s one thing that I suspect we see eye-to-eye on.  And that’s the fact that this …Read More

Barry,    Now, this is a significant victory worth celebrating. In a very closely-watched case, the Supreme Court ruled that a World War I memorial in California’s Mojave Desert that features a memorial cross can remain in place.      The …Read More

Barry,   There’s nothing “alarming” about Teen Challenge receiving federal funding merely because it is a Christian-based organization.   The receipt of government funds by organizations like Teen Challenge is entirely permissible, as those funds foster an important and secular …Read More

Today, our country has lost one of its strongest defenders of the Constitution, Sen. Edward M.Kennedy. He was a longstanding civil rights advocate and will be greatly missed. I issued this statement about Sen. Kennedy this morning via Americans United’s …Read More

Barry, “sectarian” programming should not be excluded from public broadcasting at a time when matters of faith and religion are so much in the news and in the hearts and minds of viewers.   Local public broadcast programming is supposed …Read More

A breathless nation awaited yesterday’s decision by the PBS board about whether to actually require its member stations to adhere to a basic rule.  OK, maybe it wasn’t exactly the whole country holding its breath, but a handful of people …Read More

Jay, I’m certainly aware that some of the most “liberal” justices on the Supreme Court agree with your arguments in some cases.  I even agree with your arguments in a few cases.  My question to you earlier, though, was why, …Read More

Barry, we’re preparing to file an amicus brief in a matter of weeks in a case that I know you are closely watching at the Supreme Court.  The high court agreed in February to take the case of Salazar v. Buono, …Read More

I have been amused over the weekend by the “sky is falling” rhetoric of the Right about the impending retirement of David Souter from the Supreme Court. Curiously, Jay, many of your colleagues concede that they don’t like Souter’s record, …Read More