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Barry,   It’s really not important about what I want in the final version of health care.  What’s important is what the American people want – and a clear majority doesn’t want federal health care funds to be used for […]

Barry,   We do have a rich and diverse nation and it is true that our country is full of a variety of faith traditions.  That’s what makes America so unique.   Unfortunately, our government leaders don’t always listen to […]

The run-up to debate in the Senate on health care and abortion is already producing some interesting comments.  The Senate bill offered by Senate Majority Leader Reid does not include any pro-life language like that of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which […]

There’s nothing wrong with the Catholic Church – or other churches – addressing the issue of abortion.  As you know, this country has a rich and welcomed history of turning to churches and houses of worship during the debate of […]

The bill  introduced to reform health care by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) has splintered the Democrats and so far has no support among Republicans.  As reported earlier, Senators Grassley and Enzi, in fact, have expressed concerns about the abortion provisions.  […]

Barry, even as another health care plan is being introduced into Congress, there’s a continuing – and a very real – concern about the issue of abortion. Senators Michael Enzi of Wyoming and Charles Grassley of Iowa have expressed their […]

Barry, unfortunately President Obama squandered a prime-time audience and a Congressional address to do very little to move the ball forward regarding efforts to reform our health care system.    President Obama is losing support with the American people on […]

Barry, there’s been an important development in the long-standing legal battle to protect the rights of pro-life pharmacists in Illinois.   The circuit court sitting in Springfield, Ill. has issued a preliminary injunction in the case of two pharmacy owners, […]

Barry, I disagree that “any sensible health care reform” is going to have to cover, as you call it “reproductive health care,” or as I would say, “abortion.”  Americans do not want their federal dollars paying for abortions.  Let me […]

Barry, I certainly want law enforcement officials to have all the tools they need to go after those who use violence to make their point – whether they open fire at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. taking the life […]