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Barry, You?   One of “Satan’s imps” ???    No way.  More like a….witty, fearless – yet misguided – member of the Religious Left.  Barry, no one is trying to redefine those precious terms of “liberty” and “freedom.”  Why is it when …Read More

Of course, Jay, the treatment of religious and political dissidents in Iran is contrary to civilized standards of justice.  It is fine that President Obama has publicly rejected any “apology” for his condemnation of the government.  It is appropriate that …Read More

It is a compelling scene – thousands in the streets of Iran – calling for freedom – fighting for free and fair elections.  And, Barry, what is most troubling – but not necessarily surprising – is the Iranian regime’s reaction …Read More

As you know, Jay, I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the many of the people you represent around the world.  There are strong human rights arguments to be made in asylum cases in Europe–and frankly strong ones to …Read More

In this space, we talk about a variety of issues – mostly along ‘church/state’ lines.  Barry, I am concerned about something I see developing in our ‘state’ – in our nation – and I want to see what you think. …Read More

Barry, I just returned from the Middle East where I witnessed firsthand the terror that the Israelis face from the longstanding attacks by Hamas – rockets launched into Israel causing death, injury and terror.   I was in two Israeli …Read More

Barry, your discussion of the United States’ record in religious asylum cases brought to mind another case we have worked on. We filed an amici curiae brief with a U.S. district court in Pennsylvania along with our international affiliate in …Read More

We recently received word of a landmark victory for religious freedom in a case we’re handling in the United Kingdom. We represent a Syrian married couple who are both former Muslims who became evangelical Christians. The husband was training to …Read More