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I should begin by noting that I hate beauty pageants. Judging women, in whole or in large part, by appearances is a sexist and anachronistic affront to an entire gender. I must admit, however, that the latest wrinkle in the …Read More

Maybe  James Dobson was just having a particularly bad day.  As the top Religious Right leader gave a “farewell speech” to the staff at Focus On the Family he noted that “we are awash in evil” and that “humanly speaking, …Read More

Barry, I’m surprised you vigorously oppose former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy joining the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  You cite his religious beliefs about marriage.  Would you have a different opinion if Dungy supported same-sex …Read More

Dan Gilgoff is now reporting that former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy has been invited to join the White House “Advisory Panel On Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships”.  This unnecessary body already has plenty of people on it who are way off …Read More

I’m sorry, Jay, but I can’t say “amen” to your characterization of Rick Warren’s participation in the inaugural ceremony.  Although once you pass the threshold of having two Protestant ministers, it is not unexpected that one or both (in this …Read More

You’re not the only one filing a brief before the CaliforniaSupreme Court in the Proposition 8 case this week, Jay. Americans United hasjoined with more than two dozen other civic groups to file our own brief. Notsurprisingly, our argument is …Read More

We obviously disagree fundamentally about the role of the courts in dealing with issues where fundamental rights (like marriage and equal protection) are at stake.  The “will” of the voters does not trump such rights and the courts exist to …Read More

Barry, contested issues of public policy, such as the definition of marriage, should be settled at the ballot box, not through violence or the actions of activist judges. It is unfortunate that you would try to link the defense of …Read More

 I have been in the San Francisco area for several days.  My trip coincided with the thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk.  The atmosphere would have been somber simply about that, but it was poisoned even more by …Read More

The blogosphere is filled with them: predictions about the outcome of Tuesday’s election.  Although a Google search indicates there are even ones made by monkeys, a quick examination of the first few hits indicates this could be a put on. …Read More