Lynn v. Sekulow
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As you pointed out, Jay, earlier this week the Democrats handed Rush Limbaugh a major victory: they made him relevant again.  Of course, President Obama’s comment to the Republicans about not “listening” to Limbaugh was supposed to be ironic, as in, […]

I’m not as excited as some of you may be about all the inaugural activities.  Maybe it is because of that tad bit of “realistic cynicism” that hits us here in Washington after a while.  Having said that, yesterday’s concert […]

I realize, Jay, you are eager to draw me into this case because your side is likely to win. My position has been consistent: Michael Newdow and all of the other plaintiffs in this suit are right on principle, but […]

We obviously disagree fundamentally about the role of the courts in dealing with issues where fundamental rights (like marriage and equal protection) are at stake.  The “will” of the voters does not trump such rights and the courts exist to […]

Barry, contested issues of public policy, such as the definition of marriage, should be settled at the ballot box, not through violence or the actions of activist judges. It is unfortunate that you would try to link the defense of […]

Before I suggest that readers take a look at a more detailed post-election document, I wanted to note something about your last post.  If prayer is to be taken seriously, we have to know what the praying is for.  I’m […]

With the history-making election of our first African-American president, Barack Obama begins an important transition time leading up to the inauguration in January.  He will face many challenges – a faltering economy, the need to protect our great nation from […]

Barry, you’re right about the volume of election predictions.  Everyone has a prediction and while your pre-election analysis is interesting, the fact is that anything can happen in this election.   There is one thing that you don’t need a […]

The blogosphere is filled with them: predictions about the outcome of Tuesday’s election.  Although a Google search indicates there are even ones made by monkeys, a quick examination of the first few hits indicates this could be a put on. […]

Barry, the examples you cited show precisely why the IRS gag rule should be repealed. When the IRS investigates pro-life churches who speak out in defense of the unborn during the election season, it has a chilling effect on other […]