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Barry, Let’s not forget that in Texas, the boot was on the other foot, so to speak, for many years – where conservatives were the minority on the Texas Board of Education.    One conservative board member said the majority’s conservative […]

Barry, I agree the polls on President’s health care reform plan are universally poor and I understand why most Americans believe the plan is not good for the economy and that we need to start over – an option that […]

Jay, I think it’s great that so many Americans want to volunteer for good causes, and I have no problem that many want to work with faith-based groups. Americans can volunteer for and/or donate to the charity of their choice; […]

Barry, congratulations to your daughter on her graduation.  It is that time of year – my son just graduated from Regent University School of Law.   The New Jersey school sounds perfectly legitimate from a constitutional standpoint. The article states […]

I think the first four people who responded to your last post claiming the cross isn’t necessarily religious are completely on the mark, particularly emphasizing that all deceased war veterans are not Christian.  I’d be happy to leave them have […]

Barry, I think the one thing we can agree on is that as long as graduation ceremonies take place across the country, there will be questions – concerns – and ongoing debate about what’s proper and what it not. What […]

Barry, as you know, many graduation ceremonies are held in churches around the country every year.  The reason for this is simple and has nothing to do with religion:  the church facility, in many communities, provides the space needed to […]

Well, Jay, let’s move from the national scene to a local one. Americans United has now filed a precedent-setting lawsuit challenging the use of a church for a public high school graduation ceremony in Wisconsin. We had asked a number […]

Barry, what’s wrong with giving parents a real choice about what school to send their children to? Parents are in a much better position than you or I to decide whether the public schools in their community are providing a […]

Barry, there’s another troubling development in the education world – this one is not about stimulus funds for higher education facilities – this centers on high school curriculum and focuses directly on what’s being taught in many Christian high schools […]