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Thank you for visiting LynnvSekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow: Faith and Justice  Happy Reading!

Thank you for visiting Lynn V. Sekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow’s Faith and Justice Happy Reading!!!

Jay, I’m not sure if you heard all the ruckus recently coming out of Sioux City, Iowa. Americans United filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service over a Sioux City church that insists it should receive a tax exemption […]

Jay, At least we can agree on one thing: let’s not rewrite history. But that appears to be all that the right-wing members on the Texas State Board of Education want to do. We’ve already been through this once with […]

The Lynchburg News and Advance reported on Liberty University’s announcement yesterday that it was changing its policy in regard to student political clubs.  From now on, no partisan clubs, even the Republican Club, will be given “official” status or receive […]

Jay, just a few days ago I was a participant in an event on “church politicking” at the National Press Club here in Washington.  The event was reported by your friends over at the Christian Broadcasting Network.  The focus of […]

It is usually legal “conservatives” who claim that appealscourts often “make” law, not interpret it.  Well, two of the three judges on the panel of the EleventhCircuit seem to have wildlymisinterpreted the key basis for the only Supreme Court decision […]

As noted in my last post, if that school assignment was to draw anything you want (and that’s the end of the story), then you were right to intervene.  I would have done the same if her mother had called […]

Jay, you are mixing apples and oranges.  Let’s start with the story of the pro-Obama textbook.  Although I must admit I generally treat anything reported in WorldNetDaily like I used to treat the stories of Bat Boy in the now […]

The third Presidential debate did provide another example of the candidates’ views on abortion, but both candidates were unconvincing in their responses to Bob Schieffer’s questions on the matter. On whether a potential nominee’s views on Roe would be a […]