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Jay, I think it’s great that so many Americans want to volunteer for good causes, and I have no problem that many want to work with faith-based groups. Americans can volunteer for and/or donate to the charity of their choice; […]

Just yesterday, the Senate trounced the effort to create a kind of “voucher scheme forever” for the District of Columbia.  The vote was 58 opposed and 39 in favor.  The issue will not ever go away, of course, because the […]

Barry, what’s wrong with giving parents a real choice about what school to send their children to? Parents are in a much better position than you or I to decide whether the public schools in their community are providing a […]

Barry, there’s another troubling development in the education world – this one is not about stimulus funds for higher education facilities – this centers on high school curriculum and focuses directly on what’s being taught in many Christian high schools […]