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Barry, there’s a troubling pattern developing as the White House and Congressional leadership embark on a campaign to silence their critics – especially when it comes to concerns about health care.   Example One:  Last week, in an official White …Read More

Jay, just a few days ago I was a participant in an event on “church politicking” at the National Press Club here in Washington.  The event was reported by your friends over at the Christian Broadcasting Network.  The focus of …Read More

Well, Jay, we didn’t agree about holding graduations in churches.  It looks like we won’t agree on what students can say or do at graduation, either. Songs which mention God are usually called “hymns.”  Hymns are prayers set to music.  …Read More

Maybe  James Dobson was just having a particularly bad day.  As the top Religious Right leader gave a “farewell speech” to the staff at Focus On the Family he noted that “we are awash in evil” and that “humanly speaking, …Read More

With each passing day comes more concern about conservative talk radio.  Now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition targeting Rush Limbaugh.  That comes just days after President Obama told Republican lawmakers that “they can’t just listen to …Read More