Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, I find your arguments regarding the National Day of Prayer decision highly unpersuasive, and quite frankly, wrong. First, our country does not have “a long history of recognizing the national day of prayer dating back to the late 1700’s,” […]

Barry, I agree the polls on President’s health care reform plan are universally poor and I understand why most Americans believe the plan is not good for the economy and that we need to start over – an option that […]

Barry,   Nice try.  But, you’re not going to convince me that displaying our national motto or the words from the Pledge of Allegiance somehow constitute a government-sponsored religion. To the contrary, inclusion of these words in the Capitol Visitor […]

Jay, It’s a shame the Freedom From Religion Foundation had to file this lawsuit at all. This should never have been an issue in the first place. The Capitol Visitor Center is a building dedicated to the history and importance […]

Jay, I want to get back to the very serious issue of the debate over health care in a few days, but I want to interrupt that flow with a point of personal privilege. You see, I have been attacked […]

Jay, I like the principles of freedom in the Declaration of Independence (and the Constitution) as much as the next guy (that would be you.)  But when I hear conservatives like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and a host […]

Barry, you and I often disagree on a variety of issues that focus on the interpretation of our constitutional rights.  But, I am sure you’ll agree that as we once again celebrate our nation’s independence, this is the perfect time […]