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As I said in the last post, the results are not always fantastic, but technology throughout history achieves a lot more good than bad. That’s my argument in my thesis, Catalyst, from back in 2013. Each time I look back …Read More

One idea that caught my eye while reading the essays compiled in Visions of the Future, a book from the grandiose Lifeboat Foundation, was the so-called “enernet”. Much like the “internet”, the enernet would be a network designed to make …Read More

I have a very extensive book review recently written of the Lifeboat Foundation book Prospects for Human Survival, which may appear at h+ Magazine. Two additional book reviews by me are also in the works, right now. Today, I wrote far too much …Read More

After reading a number of key chapters of interest in the book Prospects for Human Survival, which I received a review copy of from the Lifeboat Foundation, I believe the author is somewhat misguided. I admit this is a matter …Read More

Around this Christmas, I received review copies of Visions of the Future and other important Lifeboat Foundation books. Primarily collections of essays authored by other Lifeboat Foundation members (compare to my own main futurist work, the pocket-size Catalyst thesis that you can …Read More

The implications of nuclear fusion power as a panacea for the world’s energy needs are not good. There are better alternatives and I’d like to write about them again. As explained by nuclear power critic Linda Gunter in a recent …Read More

Much that was once expensive is cheap. Much that was once priced is now free. It’s already a reasonable prediction in futurist circles that everything will someday be free, recognised as a common heritage of humanity. This is often seen as Utopian reasoning, but …Read More

It is a fact that science now has the capacity to introduce whole new species. The means of such creation is synbio, synthetic biology. To people with conservative ideas about humanity and nature (James Hughes would say bioconservative) the rapid development of synbio …Read More

Il est dangereux d’avoir raison dans des choses où des hommes accrédités ont tort. It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong. Voltaire Snowden was a titan. With individuals such as him, what need for “movements” or …Read More

Toutes les fois que je donne une place vacante, je fais cent mècontents et un ingrat. Every time that I fill a high office, I make one hundred men discontented and one ungrateful. Louis XIV Anarchism is many things, and …Read More