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It is now difficult to deny that racism is growing in a number of Western countries, and racist politicians who would have been considered corrosive or marginal to society only a decade ago are currently on the verge of being elected …Read More

I want to comment a second time about the Syrian conflict in light of reports about a recent stabbing that apparently took place in London. When arguing for illegal unilateral UK airstrikes in Syria, pro-war speakers in Parliament said they believed Britain would be safer …Read More

Images of a possible Third World War are often invoked by people warning about confrontations between powers like Russia and the US. Usually, we are just being too dramatic by bringing up such images. Most of the time, people are exaggerating. But since …Read More

The main target in conspiracy theories of the Alex Jones type are “the globalists”, the proponents of so-called globalisation. However, I’m here to say I am a globalist and that globalisation is necessary and good. Globalists believe in a global community. …Read More

When it comes to moral and political struggles, the use of ‘might makes right’ as a characterization of the opponent’s view is often used. The claim that might does not make right sounds like a Christian-inspired one. Nietzsche would probably have scoffed at it, …Read More

Much that was once expensive is cheap. Much that was once priced is now free. It’s already a reasonable prediction in futurist circles that everything will someday be free, recognised as a common heritage of humanity. This is often seen as Utopian reasoning, but …Read More

The little online Mont Order society appears to have convened near the end of October with the intention to codify some principles. At the end of that conference, there were 7 simple points put together to represent the agenda of the Mont Order …Read More

Social progress, which is closely tied to the notion of modernity, has been a core belief of the so-called Western world since, possibly, the French Revolution. It is not without merit, but simplistic assertions that modern Western political systems are the best can obscure …Read More

The word “theocracy” tends to elicit negative reactions in the English-speaking world. Shall we conclude theocracy is always bad, or that theocracy is sometimes good? Theocracy is a model of state governed by authority from an allegedly divine source. All government is built upon idolising documents, flags, ideas …Read More

Various US Republican candidates have threatened to ignore or even stop the Iran deal – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – signed with Iran if they become President. Whatever they may say, the so-called deep state in the US has …Read More