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One of the biggest and most pointless arguments made by Islam-haters is that Muslims oppose “freedom of expression”. Today we get artists, musicians, etc. trying to be as offensive as possible, who cry out that conservative elements of the public or …Read More

People don’t have much time on their hands, including me. I’ll at least try to be brief… Despite most people’s lack of time, they still have no end of intellectual curiosity. I won’t call them stupid. Most people are a lot …Read More

Although many Americans see Alex Jones, talk show host and conspiracy theorist, as a critic of the political “elite”, he could not be further from it. Whether he is aware of it or not, Alex Jones is a member of …Read More

Although the Syrian conflict needs to end, I agree with other analysts that the current uninspiring peace talks are probably not the solution.  One side, the “rebels”, is dramatically losing the battle and it seems like they are only negotiating …Read More

The reason our countries in the so-called west have an exceptional burden to accommodate refugees from the world’s conflict zones is because of an implicit admission of grave, very grave guilt. We admit that we destroyed the countries whose people …Read More

According to a credible analysis from Vijay Prashad for The Hindu, which concurs with the views of many other writers, the Erdogan government in Turkey restarted the conflict with the Kurdish people and is responsible for killing many civilians. It jeopardises the …Read More

Although many unfortunate happenings are taking place in the world at this very moment, and I cannot possibly manage to talk about them all, I want to focus on a more bewildering one in this post tonight. It has come to a lot …Read More

I want to back up a recent opinion put forward by Steve Topple, a British blogger who emerged from almost complete obscurity to become a very articulate op-ed writer. Steve appealed against the formation of new media elites. A new centre-left …Read More

I write this hoping Americans will consider carefully who will want them to vote for which 2016 presidential candidate, and why. The people backing up Hillary Clinton are not ordinary Americans, and the people trying to portray her in a positive …Read More

Quite recently, I tweeted that the Stop the War Coalition is correct to only criticise the wars backed and endorsed by the British government. I was praising an article by John Wight. There is no Stop the War Coalition hypocrisy …Read More