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I’d like to draw your attention to my full review of Visions of the Future, published to h+ Magazine on 31 March 2016. My review of Prospects for Human Survival, also a Lifeboat Foundation book I got a review copy […]

Je vais où va toute chose, Où va la feuille de rose I go where all nature goes, Where goes the leaf of the rose, Antoine-Vincent Arnault The greatest thing to happen to politics in the Twenty-First Century isn’t political […]

Où serait le mérite, si les héros n’avaient jamais peur? Where would be the merit if heroes were never afraid? Alphonse Daudet It has occurred to me that I am too partisan on this blog, and a good old vitriolic blog shouldn’t […]

Le vrai Citoyen préfère l’avantage général à son avantage. The true Citizen prefers everyone’s benefit over his own benefit Jean-Jacques Rousseau Oliver Stone may direct a thriller called Snowden, telling the heroic story of the whistleblower. In anticipation of it, I sought to […]

La grandeur du crime est la seule différence qu’il y ait entre un conquérant et un brigand. The magnitude of the crime is the only difference there is between a conqueror and a robber. Jean-Paul Marat Governments and their hit-men aren’t […]

Les hommes de génie sont des météores destinés à brûler pour éclairer leur siècle. Men of genius are shooting stars destined to burn to light their century. Napoleon Bonaparte Once again, the Battle for the Net is at a critical juncture. […]

Ainsi, presque tout est imitation. Thus, almost everything is imitation. Voltaire This post is dedicated to a new medium that I am once again going to use to share my thoughts. That’s right. I have published videos to YouTube in […]

Il se fit un abondant silence à l’entour, et la majeure partie du reste du monde se mit à compter pour du beurre. There was an abundant silence around, and most of the rest of the world began to count for […]

Citoyens, vouliez-vous une révolution sans révolution? Citizens, did you want a revolution without revolution? Maximilien Robespierre First, I would like to repeat wishes for a Happy New Year and all the rest of that business that took place between posts. In considering […]

Je n’ai rien vaillant; je dois beaucoup; je donne le reste aux pauvres. I have nothing, owe a great deal, and the rest I leave to the poor. François Rabelais Once again, I’m writing a teleportation story. I’ve written at […]