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Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) sent up the family guy, the respectable sinning of the Beverly Hills rich, and the debt the Chinese pay to their ancestral prophecy, all for a few laughs. These subtleties centered in the negative, which is …Read More

Busy working Mom Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) has got to choose between career and family, in I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011; Rated PG-13, contains sexual references). Investment banker Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan) is impressed with Kate’s …Read More

We may choose which we way we go in life, but life cannot be always as clear cut as that.  There are complexities involved in decision making such as circumstances. Losing mother and brother can be one of those circumstances.  …Read More

Kids who go wayward may get the impression that their families don’t really care. Dad is too busy. There is no time for Mom and Dad to hang out with me, some teenagers may think. Some teenagers may bond with …Read More

Will Sacks, in Annie, learns to face a problem he has. As he does, he’s edging towards a new direction. Maybe people don’t like to face problems. It’s more comfortable and easy to avoid. I’d rather listen to a song …Read More

Triggers to happiness, in Trolls (2016), are music, hugs, love, friendship, community and positivity. And parties. It’s not that the trolls are born happy. They would sooner be happy than not. So they turn on the parties, turn up the …Read More

Marriage is one the fundamental institutions because this is where lives are nurtured for the wider world. It is no wonder that it is played on the screen, being so pivotal. There are good and bad marriages, sad and happy …Read More

Divorce was less acceptable in the 1940’s and 50’s, but is more acceptable today. Divorce situations in movies are commonplace. However, many classical Hollywood stars during the early and mid 1900’s and beyond were getting divorced several times though divorce …Read More

Another of the family films with a world beneath the world, The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) is decently filmed, well-told, with good visual effects. Some scenes are too scary for very young folk and some magic may be off-putting. The film …Read More

I left chess to the experts who filled up a classroom during the lunch hour chess club. I doubt there were many masters there, if any, but I wouldn’t want to play any of them, in case I got whipped. …Read More