Life at the Movies

I’m a blogger, and writer for faith-based, mainstream, and alternative publications, in the form of articles, inspiration, and film reviews and commentaries. I enjoy catching up with sport, listening to music, buying a coffee, and keeping an eye on current events. First ‘awesome’ movie moment was Raiders of the Lost Ark. Amadeus, first ‘serious’ film. A 3 star rating out of 5 stars is above average from me.

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) sent up the family guy, the respectable sinning of the Beverly Hills rich, and the debt the Chinese pay to their ancestral prophecy, all for a few laughs. These subtleties centered in the negative, which is …Read More

A couple who treat one another well—because they are in love—told in a naturalistic setting. At the movies, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a couple engage one another positively in every moment they are with one another. …Read More

With the last of the 2016 movies already available or nearly ready for home viewing, I have compiled a list of some my stand-out films of 2016: 1.Arrival Instinctively, I got on board this quiet yet suspenseful science fiction thriller …Read More

Defense in the Oxford dictionary is defined as “defending; justification; defendant’s case or counsel; players in defending position; fortifications”. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), in the Iron Man movies, is in a defending position. He has inherited weapons and defense …Read More

Busy working Mom Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) has got to choose between career and family, in I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011; Rated PG-13, contains sexual references). Investment banker Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan) is impressed with Kate’s …Read More

Animation Sing is anthropomorphic. That means there are animal characters with human characteristics. In Sing (2016) anthropomorphic characters take to singing for an American Idol-like competition. When you think about the movie Sing, think about any of the singing / …Read More

Spiderman is a misunderstood hero. Heroes try their best serving society, but someone or something holds them up. They’re not doing something the right way. There’s a certain amount of suspicion. Heroes are misunderstood. The hero Peter Parker is student …Read More

As hard as it is to believe, Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man has frenemies. If we didn’t know, frenemies are friends who become enemies even as they are still friends. Frenemies may break with you before you break up …Read More

Movie preview At look at this weekend’s movies shows a theme of change and one film seems to have the good old family secrets theme. I’m not saying the plot or storyline has that change theme because I haven’t seen …Read More

At the Academy Awards, what were the top ten films that were nominated for best picture, but won nothing at all? Some of their life themes were interesting.   10.The Nun’s Story (1959, 8 nominations, 0 wins) The Nun’s Story …Read More