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When it comes to preventative health and wellness, Bee Propolis is one of the most effective and supportive natural remedies available to us today. Propolis is considered an herb because it changes little from its material state. Propolis is comprised …Read More

Last year I had the opportunity to read iDisorder by Dr. Larry Rosen. (Interview with Dr. Larry Rosen) It is a book that explores the role technology has on mental disorders. But what I found most important in his book is the …Read More

Turmeric is a powerful herb. It has many anecdotal healing properties with longstanding use in Aryuvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Westerners are catching on though and Turmeric is actually being explored through numerous studies including studies on its effectiveness …Read More

Cupcakes to me mean celebration. I love them. I love that they are small and can be individually decorated. So I’m always making cupcakes. In fact when someone shares something positive in one of my classes, I’ll often respond with ‘Cupcakes for all.’ When …Read More

Cinnamon isn’t just for flavor. It has a powerful healing nature based in its carminative (ability to break up gas) and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In ancient times, because of its healing properties, cinnamon was invaluable and considered as valualbe as gold or …Read More

My body has a pattern. If I get a cold with nasal congestion, it eventually moves to my chest and becomes a croupy cough. For several years now I have been using a homeopthic product for Caidin called Children’s Chestal. …Read More

This is one herb that I always have on hand. For me, it is the most powerful topical healing herb I have met. 12 years ago, I came up with a salve recipe that included Comfrey. I made up my …Read More

Flower Essences are so helpful for children who are emotionally and energetically sensitive.  Flower Essences are a form of vibrational healing. They work by on an energetic level to remove, replace or transmute energies that are out of balance in …Read More

I don’t want to jinx anything on this one so I’m not going to tell you about Caidin’s experiences with earaches. I’m just going to let you know what we do on the rare occasion that congestion actually turns into …Read More

It’s important for everyone to stay healthy as we head back-to-school so these tips aren’t just for the kids. With a Naturopathic background, my philosophy is always prevention first. If we can avoid getting sick, that’s the best way to …Read More