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Where I know there is no magic formula, nor are there ever any guarantees, I really believe that having connections with our kids contributes immensely to their health and happiness. In a day and age when everything moves so quickly, …Read More

Caidin is a hugger. He loves to hug and be hugged. In fact, he can’t hug enough. Since I’m curious about why we do what we do and how that plays a role in our life lessons, I’ve done my …Read More

Caidin got a bag full of foam bits and beads at a birthday party. It’s been sitting in our ‘catch-all’ draw for several months now, but a few nights ago (as a bedtime delay tactic) he got it out and …Read More

When I look at the men of the world today, I understand why there is so much anger and resentment toward women. Most men today have no role model to work from. Their father’s world doesn’t exist anymore. Gone is the 1950s …Read More

When parents ask me for insight one of the common frustrations during the school year is that their kids won’t talk to them about what they did during the day. When asked ‘What did you do today?’ The response is …Read More

We spent the day at the Dutchess County Fair yesterday. It was a wonderful day full of interacting with animals, eating bad fair food and riding on questionable fair rides. We returned home, full of experiences, excited about our plans …Read More

Last night I was teaching my ‘Journey of a Thousand Women’ class. It’s based on a book I’ve written entitled ‘I Am Woman, Fully Empowered’ and it empowers women to truly embrace being Spirit in a female body, to own …Read More

I met a Mom who lived in Brooklyn and her parents lived in Austria. She commented that her toddler wouldn’t talk to them on the phone and when her daughter sees them in person she is also hesitant to interact …Read More

Reading has always played big part in our life with Caidin. We started reading to Caidin when he was a month old. My husband Chuck would even read the sports section to Caidin with a sing-song voice. Whether that’s why …Read More

Whether car rides, bus rides, train rides, plane rides or long walks, finding ways to keep kids engaged can make or break everyone’s experience. I was going to write a list of five things to do in the car, but …Read More