Letting Go with Guy Finley
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Love isn’t a feeling we either have or don’t have. Love is a choice we make minute by minute.            

Love strengthens our hope and faith in a power greater than ourselves that must be shared before it can become fully our own.

The true purpose of all our relationships in life is to help us and to help each other outgrow whatever stands in the way of perfecting our love for one another.

The best we can do for others, to help make their lives brighter, begins with the work of enlightening ourselves. In this manner — from our first tentative steps toward a life in the Light, all the way to the […]

In the end, the kindest thing we can do for others is to always remember – as best we can – that within each of us lives the one true source of understanding, of compassion and love, and then strive […]

Every moment we have a choice as to what we love, and whose company we keep, accordingly.

We can’t change others — or the purpose of any given moment as it unfolds; but we can work to place one less demand upon both. Only in this action can we hope to find the freedom for which we […]

Each moment is unique; never to come again… and this includes all of our relationships as they’re revealed through the celestial conditions that converge to create them. This is why our one real wish should be — as best we’re […]

No sense of bitter disappointment about others having “failed” us can darken our day without our first having fashioned high expectations for them; which means that when we find ourselves suffering for the actions of another, we need only realize […]

Evil transforms suffering into unconscious acts of blame, bitterness, and self-pity — harmful forces that punish everyone; while the Good transforms these same dark states into conscious suffering — creating humility that heals whomever it touches.