Letting Go with Guy Finley
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Real life is exchange. It is a ceaseless cascade of timeless forces whose intelligent interactions sustain each level of creation, all in the service of an indivisible life whose unseen whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This …Read More

What good is the love of Truth without agreeing to embody the freedom it promises? This means that from this love — daring to embrace what is light, right, and true even in the midst of all that seems wrong …Read More

Whenever we will do the best we can — give the very most that we have to give — even though our action may be very far from “perfect” — nevertheless, that action is our part of entering into a celestial …Read More

Spiritual patience is born in us as we grow to realize that our individual lives are forever being revealed in a great clockwork whose tireless and timeless mainspring is Love. Our part in this inexorable movement of life is not …Read More

There was once a woman who, longing to make a new start after a painful divorce, moved with her young daughter to a new town. Part of her plan included opening a small shop in the town’s main square that …Read More

The more we unknowingly agree to be guarded by the shadows of old fears and lingering regrets, the less chance we have of experiencing the unexpected delight of discovering and exploring something new… not just in our partner, but within …Read More

One indication of making real effort, based on a true spiritual intention, is that even when we fail (with it), whatever regret we may have over our revealed weakness is tempered by an equal measure of realizing how important it …Read More

Painful negative states begin their lives within us as undetected seeds of darkness that grow into clinging, tangled vines as they are fed by our unconscious identification with them. The light of higher self-awareness destroys these seeds of self-compromise as …Read More

We are only as incomplete as we are unaware of ourselves. Every complaint, any negative reaction produced by a moment resisted, secretly serves to glorify an indwelling darkness that wants us to see our life as being incomplete.

There are two paths through life thought to lead one to a happy wholeness. The first path is littered with all manner of glittering things that one thinks are needful to complete oneself, while the second path is the way …Read More