Letting Go with Guy Finley
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Each person is created with the tools it takes to master his or her own life. But self-mastery remains the ultimate mystery until that day dawns when — weary of struggling to overcome what he blames for his conflicted self […]

The true source of abundance is the silent mind, for within its fertile quietude rests all potential, all power, and all promise.

You cannot do the work of starting life over, and be busy reliving your past at the same time. Being new is a deliberate choice, an act of alignment that places you in conscious contact with a living presence that’s […]

No brighter tomorrow can dawn for us that isn’t paid for each day by our work to better serve God’s life, illuminate our self, and uplift the hearts of others.

Real Life will… and must keep challenging our understanding of it, because real Life is ceaselessly renewing itself; only by learning to be as one with its changes can we hope to understand — and agree — to play our […]

The sudden touch of hearing, reading, or seeing something True doesn’t so much move us up and into the perfect pitch of Stillness, as does this inner quickening – the ineffable feeling of Forever – sound out, all at once, […]

There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself.

The magic, the power, and the true purpose of all our relationships in life: to help us and to help each other outgrow whatever stands in the way of perfecting our love for one another.

Love never leaves a relationship. Love is always present; it is we who are absent to love. When we understand the true nature of love, it has a magical effect on all of our relationships…      

Real appreciation for God, for this life given to us through the action of grace, requires realizing our actual place in the greater scheme of things. No one in a hurry to get something done does anything except throw dirt over […]