Letting Go with Guy Finley
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One indication of making real effort, based on a true spiritual intention, is that even when we fail (with it), whatever regret we may have over our revealed weakness is tempered by an equal measure of realizing how important it […]

Painful negative states begin their lives within us as undetected seeds of darkness that grow into clinging, tangled vines as they are fed by our unconscious identification with them. The light of higher self-awareness destroys these seeds of self-compromise as […]

We are only as incomplete as we are unaware of ourselves. Every complaint, any negative reaction produced by a moment resisted, secretly serves to glorify an indwelling darkness that wants us to see our life as being incomplete.

There are two paths through life thought to lead one to a happy wholeness. The first path is littered with all manner of glittering things that one thinks are needful to complete oneself, while the second path is the way […]

Detect and deliberately drop all fearful thoughts about what “may be” your future and you release yourself from a “present” torment whose unseen driving force is your consent to consider darkly imagined tomorrows.

Learning to recognize the fact that most of our conclusions about life have proven themselves to be illusions helps free us of that visiting dark dread of unwanted moments when we hear fear telling us what our future will be!

To take just one small action based in best faith, or from some level of a conscious choice that serves what we believe in our heart to be good or right, outweighs a thousand of our best intentions that, on […]

Our present understanding of love is that anytime our partner fails to please us, it means that he or she doesn’t love us – at least, not as we imagine they should. Then what happens to our love? It turns […]

The great journey leading to the immortal Self does not begin with fact but in faith untested. It is the journey of faith alone that reveals the fact of the Divine, much as a flower proves the unseen seed from […]

The mastery of anything, including ourselves, begins with the faith that we are not here on earth to be perfected according to an image we hold of ourselves, but rather, to allow perfection to work its way upon us, so that only […]