Letting Go with Guy Finley
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The mastery of anything, including ourselves, begins with the faith that we are not here on earth to be perfected according to an image we hold of ourselves, but rather, to allow perfection to work its way upon us, so that only […]

Nothing in reality is fixed; the illusion of being unable to transcend some unchanging nature within you is the work of unseen resistance to the ceaseless transformation that is the matrix of Real Life.      

Real life never stops starting over; but, before one can dwell in this newness — to know a freedom that is evergreen — one must first see, and then consciously agree to step out of the stream of thought and […]

Fearlessness comes with the birth of this new understanding: the only reason life changes as it does is to reveal and perfect the secret goodness that both drives and underlies those same changes.

To realize the power of living in the “Presence moment” requires entering into its flow; the nature of these living waters is a timeless intelligence that knows, regardless of how things appear… that everything is exactly as it must be […]

There is only one reason why we ever become negatively inclined, let alone surrender ourselves to the debilitating embrace of any dark character that comes calling for us: We have forgotten that within us dwells a Light whose power grants […]

We have no greater Friend in life than that small part of us that loves what is True. The more we are able to recognize and honor the fact of this matter, the more powerfully does this interior Friend step […]

Thoughts turn into acts And habits are formed, From habits the shape Of character’s borne… …In character’s forged Each soul’s destiny, So does Truth make plain The seed is the tree!

The true measure of one’s strength is not determined by drive, assertiveness, or even willingness to suffer for the sake of some worldly desire. Instead it is found in the degree to which one will agree to enter into the […]

Each person is created with the tools it takes to master his or her own life. But self-mastery remains the ultimate mystery until that day dawns when — weary of struggling to overcome what he blames for his conflicted self […]