Letting Go with Guy Finley
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Everything starts here and begins Now. The present moment is the intersection of the Divine with passing time. Work to be here… wherever you are.

“Practicing the presence of God” begins with understanding that you don’t have anything more important to do than to simply be where you are…    

Looking to the past for guidance on how to make a new beginning is like asking an echo to show you where it got started. We do not need to think in order to know the right thing to do […]

Just as we need to keep an eye on the kinds of friends we keep around us, so must we also remain aware of the circle of “friends” we keep within us — our own thoughts and feelings. Not only […]

One thing that makes negative states so difficult to drop is the illusion they create within us that no choice exists for us other than to cave in to their punishing presence. But, in truth, it is not we who […]

One of the most powerful forces in the universe available to human beings is also one of the least understood and appreciated. This powerful force is silence. The secret strength found in silence is as practical in daily life as […]

There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself.

Real appreciation for God, for this life given to us through the action of grace, requires realizing our actual place in the greater scheme of things. No one in a hurry to get something done does anything except throw dirt over […]

Have you noticed – for the most part anyway – that when we’re with family or friends almost everyone has a complaint to share; how something or someone in their life just isn’t “right,” or has done them wrong. I […]

It is more than enough to be just what we are in the moment . . .