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A pair of brothers set out for a day of extreme climbing on a mountain with steep rock faces and dangerous icefalls. They take nothing with them save for the gear they will need to enjoy an afternoon of climbing. …Read More

Why is there always something lurking in our minds that’s often unhappy and dissatisfied with how the moment is going? “Things shouldn’t be like this, why is this happening, etc.” As we begin seeing through this lower nature that’s always …Read More

One indication of making real effort, based on a true spiritual intention, is that even when we fail (with it), whatever regret we may have over our revealed weakness is tempered by an equal measure of realizing how important it …Read More

We are only as incomplete as we are unaware of ourselves. Every complaint, any negative reaction produced by a moment resisted, secretly serves to glorify an indwelling darkness that wants us to see our life as being incomplete.

When we think about our lives, it is clear that we do the same things every day. We get ready in the morning. We eat a meal. Perhaps we go shopping. With such repetition, it’s no time at all before …Read More

What is self-study? Let’s start by seeing what self-study is not. Although self-study may include reading certain inner life books or listening to lectures on self-transformation, these materials, as encouraging and informative as they may be, are really only preparational …Read More

It is a gift of spirit to suddenly see something about yourself you had never seen before. By the power of this new awareness, you come to realize that real change in one’s level of consciousness is possible. Now you …Read More

Everything starts here and begins Now. The present moment is the intersection of the Divine with passing time. Work to be here… wherever you are.

“Practicing the presence of God” begins with understanding that you don’t have anything more important to do than to simply be where you are…    

Looking to the past for guidance on how to make a new beginning is like asking an echo to show you where it got started. We do not need to think in order to know the right thing to do …Read More