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The fact that we always want something from the moment — even if it’s to not want what it offers, or has otherwise come to reveal — blinds us to the fact that every moment is always giving us… showering …Read More

Too often it happens that some people lose their interest in self-study. They give up on their inner work because they don’t see the immediate results hoped for. If anything, in their growing awareness of what has always been their …Read More

Everything starts here and begins Now. The present moment is the intersection of the Divine with passing time. Work to be here… wherever you are.

To realize the power of living in the “Presence moment” requires entering into its flow; the nature of these living waters is a timeless intelligence that knows, regardless of how things appear… that everything is exactly as it must be …Read More

Looking to the past for guidance on how to make a new beginning is like asking an echo to show you where it got started. We do not need to think in order to know the right thing to do …Read More

What is hard on us is not life itself, but the hardened way in which we tend to think towards it; so that it is nothing other than our own thoughts that turn naturally passing moments into unyielding tablets of …Read More

The effort to remain inwardly awake, the work to be grounded in the present moment, is not to put away some pain that may be troubling you. The act of being “in Presence” – the attention required to do so …Read More

One reason why so many people can be found rushing down the road to nowhere is because it costs nothing to get there.

A life in the presence of God, safe forever, costs us nothing except to see that our life spent in selfish pursuits costs us everything. *** Learn to see your attention as a form of “currency”… for it’s not just …Read More

A flower in the process of blooming doesn’t go looking for what it needs to fulfill the purpose of its existence; the very presence of its beckoning petals and delicate fragrance attracts to it all it requires… with no extra …Read More