Letting Go with Guy Finley
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What is hard on us is not life itself, but the hardened way in which we tend to think towards it; so that it is nothing other than our own thoughts that turn naturally passing moments into unyielding tablets of […]

The effort to remain inwardly awake, the work to be grounded in the present moment, is not to put away some pain that may be troubling you. The act of being “in Presence” – the attention required to do so […]

One reason why so many people can be found rushing down the road to nowhere is because it costs nothing to get there.

A life in the presence of God, safe forever, costs us nothing except to see that our life spent in selfish pursuits costs us everything. *** Learn to see your attention as a form of “currency”… for it’s not just […]

A flower in the process of blooming doesn’t go looking for what it needs to fulfill the purpose of its existence; the very presence of its beckoning petals and delicate fragrance attracts to it all it requires… with no extra […]

Yours is the power to put the fear of the future behind you, but only as you are willing to see that unless you do the interior work to awaken now, your past awaits you just ahead.

What we call the present moment, including all that appears within it, is actually a timeless Presence; it is not the outcome of the past or a door to some imagined future. Passing time is just one of the ways […]

The more clearly you see the need to anchor yourself in the presence of what is timeless and true — and then set your course for the quiet waters of its sheltering harbor — the less fearful you are of […]

Occasionally, for all of us, we accidentally enter into the Now. We could be skiing, skating, doing yoga, playing golf, and suddenly we are in something that our activity aligns us with… we are in the flow of that moment. […]

It is in our wanting “more” than the moment gives us to be that we not only sow the seeds of our own discontent but, for this same self-inflicted darkness, find ourselves blinded to a great truth that can help […]