Letting Go with Guy Finley
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We should never measure ourselves according to our “possibilities” because all such estimations of self are always based in secretly embraced evaluations of our own past; rather we ought to give ourselves over to what seems impossible to us because …Read More

It’s obvious that each of us grows physically without any real inner struggle on our part. Our bodies mature; we learn to tie our shoes, and dance, and do gymnastics. Social skills develop naturally. We grow in our mental abilities …Read More

Your life is meant to be an upward journey, and if you want to grow inwardly, you must find new ways to learn the truth about yourself and your life. You don’t have to remain on any level not of …Read More

Real life never stops starting over; but, before one can dwell in this newness — to know a freedom that is evergreen — one must first see, and then consciously agree to step out of the stream of thought and …Read More

You cannot do the work of starting life over, and be busy reliving your past at the same time. Being new is a deliberate choice, an act of alignment that places you in conscious contact with a living presence that’s …Read More

No brighter tomorrow can dawn for us that isn’t paid for each day by our work to better serve God’s life, illuminate our self, and uplift the hearts of others.

The cost of starting over spiritually is not what you pay to achieve some distant desire, but it is in your willingness to let go of — to dare to live without — any desire you may have whose promise …Read More

Real Life will… and must keep challenging our understanding of it, because real Life is ceaselessly renewing itself; only by learning to be as one with its changes can we hope to understand — and agree — to play our …Read More

There is no point in time where something Timeless isn’t renewing everything in creation. We know nothing of that life even though we live in the Light that is actually giving us our own life. Rather, we live from an …Read More

It often feels as if our relationships – especially as they mature – give rise to more questions than they seemed to answer when we first became involved with our partner. The following four questions show us that we’re not …Read More