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It’s not something most of us would admit to, at least not openly…but, nevertheless, it’s true: when it comes to many of our relationships ¬– with family, friends, or lovers – or even a simple encounter with a stranger on …Read More

Begin to recognize the “taste” of a negative state by meeting any negativity head-on. Discover that dark states have no power — no roots whatsoever — and therefore have no right to reside in your heart as a quality of …Read More

Painful negative states begin their lives within us as undetected seeds of darkness that grow into clinging, tangled vines as they are fed by our unconscious identification with them. The light of higher self-awareness destroys these seeds of self-compromise as …Read More

Our resistance to dark thoughts and feelings does not put distance between them and ourselves; just the opposite is true: our attention feeds them, strengthening their grip on us, which is why — just like being caught in quicksand — …Read More

There is only one reason why we ever become negatively inclined, let alone surrender ourselves to the debilitating embrace of any dark character that comes calling for us: We have forgotten that within us dwells a Light whose power grants …Read More

A 9 year old boy asks why anger and fear always deny that they are controlling us. Guy explains that pain only offers us limited solutions – telling us who we are and what we can do, and taking from …Read More

One thing that makes negative states so difficult to drop is the illusion they create within us that no choice exists for us other than to cave in to their punishing presence. But, in truth, it is not we who …Read More

Have you ever been drawn into a fight with a loved one where – by the time you got knee-deep into who’s “right” and who’s “wrong” – maybe over the most trivial of matters – it felt as if, somehow, …Read More

Unfortunately, most of us automatically resist the unknown. Whenever we can’t understand the nature of some unwanted situation we fall, by default, into the hands of a nature whose answer to this ache is always the same: get negative and …Read More

Whenever you feel as though you are trapped in life and begin to resist the path before you, remember that these walls you see closing in on you are nothing more — in reality — than the hardened structure of …Read More