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The basis of real life — of existence itself — is exchange; whatever appears or disappears is the momentary expression of this law. This is why the only thing that we can keep — that is authentically our own — …Read More

Real life is exchange. It is a ceaseless cascade of timeless forces whose intelligent interactions sustain each level of creation, all in the service of an indivisible life whose unseen whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This …Read More

When it comes to our inner studies, it’s possible to pass all the tests and still fail the course! What does this mean? Concerted efforts to increase self-knowledge can lead to more effective behavior. We can indeed gain greater control …Read More

We are all on an endless journey, being perfectly guided by love to realize a perfect partnership… not just with the one we love, but with Love itself that wants only to perfect us. This June, during the summer solstice, …Read More

What are we to do with what life brings to us — that we are sure just isn’t “right” — especially when we can look out and see so many horrible things taking place on our planet? The author is …Read More

“Practicing the presence of God” begins with understanding that you don’t have anything more important to do than to simply be where you are…    

When someone says something that is unkind or cruel, it’s because they have perceived something in you that has produced a reaction in them that is born of expectation. They are helpless to act otherwise, which stirs a similar reaction …Read More

A flower in the process of blooming doesn’t go looking for what it needs to fulfill the purpose of its existence; the very presence of its beckoning petals and delicate fragrance attracts to it all it requires… with no extra …Read More

Contrary to popular belief, God did not create us to look upon His life as a wish-fulfillment center. Instead we are created to live in the awareness that God’s life is the center of our being, and that to realize …Read More

The crowning moment of any species, the culmination of its possibilities, can’t be just its ability to adapt and survive. Natural history demonstrates that entire populations peak and are then terminated whenever Mother Nature so decides. The great book of …Read More