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The assumption is that when your words or actions set me off, then my irritation is only the effect of having to tolerate your ignorance of my superior understanding, else you would never challenge my thinking. While the truth is …Read More

The more we unknowingly agree to be guarded by the shadows of old fears and lingering regrets, the less chance we have of experiencing the unexpected delight of discovering and exploring something new… not just in our partner, but within …Read More

It’s not something most of us would admit to, at least not openly…but, nevertheless, it’s true: when it comes to many of our relationships ¬– with family, friends, or lovers – or even a simple encounter with a stranger on …Read More

Why can’t we listen without conflict? Why is there always something lurking in our minds that’s often unhappy and dissatisfied with how the moment is going? “Things shouldn’t be like this; why is this happening?” There is never purity in …Read More

Our present understanding of love is that anytime our partner fails to please us, it means that he or she doesn’t love us – at least, not as we imagine they should. Then what happens to our love? It turns …Read More

With few exceptions, the usual focus of our attention and interactions with others is centered on our self and the fulfillment of its desires. “How do Ifeel about you?” “What do I want from him?” or “When will she realize that …Read More

Seeing the spiritually lost state, the interior bankruptcy of other human beings can be used to accelerate your own relationship with the Divine, but only if you understand that you are not on this earth to judge the nature of …Read More

Here is the real reason why so very few ever realize a conscious relationship with the Divine: true spiritual union is consummated only through a growing awareness of one’s inner poverty; in acknowledging its actual estate, one’s soul gradually matures …Read More

Higher love, the kind of unconditional patience and tenderness that heals old wounds, that helps us to be compassionate, kind, encouraging, and forbearing of our partner’s limitations, is a choice we must make not just every day, but in every …Read More

We are all on an endless journey, being perfectly guided by love to realize a perfect partnership… not just with the one we love, but with Love itself that wants only to perfect us. This June, during the summer solstice, …Read More