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Clearly, some experiences are far more impactful than others. The truth is that most moments in our life simply flow right by us, unnoticed; almost as if we’re sitting by a great river, and only made aware of its seamless […]

Love has a way of cutting through the dross of our human nature. But when – misunderstanding the action of love – we try to coerce someone into being what we want, those efforts that we think are going to […]

We don’t perfect love; but, if we’re willing – if we will choose to practice love in any of the twelve ways we are about to look at – then, in exchange, it will help to perfect the love between […]

It often feels as if our relationships – especially as they mature – give rise to more questions than they seemed to answer when we first became involved with our partner. The following four questions show us that we’re not […]

Love isn’t a feeling we either have or don’t have. Love is a choice we make minute by minute.            

Whenever we’re filled with blame, unable to see anything but one side, “our side,” of the story… …Any time all we can hear is some part of ourselves “telling” us why our partner must pay for our pain… …In these, […]

Love strengthens our hope and faith in a power greater than ourselves that must be shared before it can become fully our own.

The true purpose of all our relationships in life is to help us and to help each other outgrow whatever stands in the way of perfecting our love for one another.

All our relationships, in particular the ones we have with those we love, exist for a dual purpose, along with their great promise. First, most of us understand that our partner in life is there to help us grow, and […]

Love (genuine Love) is in the air as we eagerly await the publication of Guy Finley’s new book, Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together. For now, please enjoy this short video of Guy talking about the true purpose behind all of […]