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Imagine that we’re out to dinner, driving in a car somewhere, or maybe just lying in bed moments before it’s time to turn out the lights. All is well. Everything seems quiet. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, our partner tosses […]

Question: Judging others is my problem. I comment on their looks, job, what they think, how they feel, etc. I try to stop but it’s constant. What does this mean? Answer: To one degree or another, it’s our tendency to […]

When someone says something that is unkind or cruel, it’s because they have perceived something in you that has produced a reaction in them that is born of expectation. They are helpless to act otherwise, which stirs a similar reaction […]

The magic, the power, and the true purpose of all our relationships in life: to help us and to help each other outgrow whatever stands in the way of perfecting our love for one another.

If we want to help our partner change, we must change. There is no other way. And more: unless we’re exceptionally blessed, it’s unlikely our partner has the same wish that we do: to keep growing and exploring a love […]

I’ll tell you when a relationship between two people really begins to change… it’s when one of those two people realizes that no one wins a fight. There is no winning side to any fight when the cost of that […]

Have you ever been drawn into a fight with a loved one where – by the time you got knee-deep into who’s “right” and who’s “wrong” – maybe over the most trivial of matters – it felt as if, somehow, […]

Love never leaves a relationship. Love is always present; it is we who are absent to love. When we understand the true nature of love, it has a magical effect on all of our relationships…      

We have learned that when it comes to waking up together in our relationships, we are all in training, and that our attempts to be patient and kind with those we love will inevitably go through the natural growing pains […]

Clearly, some experiences are far more impactful than others. The truth is that most moments in our life simply flow right by us, unnoticed; almost as if we’re sitting by a great river, and only made aware of its seamless […]