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Real life is exchange. It is a ceaseless cascade of timeless forces whose intelligent interactions sustain each level of creation, all in the service of an indivisible life whose unseen whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This …Read More

Thoughts turn into acts And habits are formed, From habits the shape Of character’s borne… …In character’s forged Each soul’s destiny, So does Truth make plain The seed is the tree!

The true measure of one’s strength is not determined by drive, assertiveness, or even willingness to suffer for the sake of some worldly desire. Instead it is found in the degree to which one will agree to enter into the …Read More

We suffer because we consort with painful thoughts and feelings, thinking somehow that not wanting them makes them “go away.” But our unconscious actions betray us: first, by animating what makes us ache, and then by binding us to that …Read More

It is impossible to resist any condition in life and learn from it at the same time.

Occasionally, for all of us, we accidentally enter into the Now. We could be skiing, skating, doing yoga, playing golf, and suddenly we are in something that our activity aligns us with… we are in the flow of that moment. …Read More

Whoever we are, regardless of our respective circumstances, the Best in us is our individual capacity to outgrow not just the limiting aspects of our own character, but to grow beyond even the best parts of ourselves already once transformed. …Read More

If, as human beings, we are to answer the call within us to perfect ourselves and the world around us — if we are ever to realize a direct and personal relationship with success itself -— then we must all …Read More

There is one essential ingredient missing in most of our relationships — one that is definitely required if we wish to continue in our own development and help others to do the same. What is this powerful catalyst that only …Read More

It isn’t hard, at times, to love others for what they are. Such relationships are on easy terms, and we receive what we give in a fair measure. But to love another for what they may yet be — to …Read More