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The basis of real life — of existence itself — is exchange; whatever appears or disappears is the momentary expression of this law. This is why the only thing that we can keep — that is authentically our own — …Read More

As we’re reminded in Ecclesiastes, “To everything there is a season.” As each creation outlives its usefulness in one area of life, so does its purpose for being in existence change. For example, let’s look at the life of a …Read More

Seeing the spiritually lost state, the interior bankruptcy of other human beings can be used to accelerate your own relationship with the Divine, but only if you understand that you are not on this earth to judge the nature of …Read More

Here is the real reason why so very few ever realize a conscious relationship with the Divine: true spiritual union is consummated only through a growing awareness of one’s inner poverty; in acknowledging its actual estate, one’s soul gradually matures …Read More

The great journey leading to the immortal Self does not begin with fact but in faith untested. It is the journey of faith alone that reveals the fact of the Divine, much as a flower proves the unseen seed from …Read More

When the soul cries out to spirit to carry her to a new world beyond the boundaries of this earthly domain, she is calling for the winds of faith to sweep down, fill her tattered and empty sails, and take …Read More

The mastery of anything, including ourselves, begins with the faith that we are not here on earth to be perfected according to an image we hold of ourselves, but rather, to allow perfection to work its way upon us, so that only …Read More

In this life, in any given moment, in one way or another (and more or less as you imagined), you will receive what you asked for… do not doubt it. So, learn to monitor your requests, because nothing that was …Read More

The inner path is lined with many trials and pitfalls. But there is nothing to be feared in this foreknowledge; in truth, these encounters with danger are actually stages of initiation; they are necessary points along the upper path where …Read More

Over many years of living on a small mountaintop in southern Oregon, I have learned many invaluable spiritual lessons by observing the wildlife that share the forest in which my house sits sequestered. In truth, nature and her creatures are …Read More