Letting Go with Guy Finley
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There is a natural hope in aspirations, but when that hope formulates an identity it sows the seeds of conflict…

Often, when we first set out on the path of self-study, we begin with unrealistic or just plain mistaken expectations about what it will do for us. The unconscious wish that fuels this early stage of self-study is simply to […]

“Know thyself” is perhaps the oldest, wisest, deepest, and most succinct spiritual instruction ever given. In fact, it is our nature to know ourselves. To one degree or another, each of us is born with the inner longing to seek […]

Here is why honest self-examination is always the best prescription for whatever troubles the heart: the light of higher self-knowledge not only reveals those secret places within us where hides our pain but, for its enlightening action upon those still […]

Question: I have been struggling for years with the fact that I often desperately want people to like me. It is clear that my needy self causes the opposite effect by making me nervous, tense, and artificial. It seems obvious […]

When it comes to our wish to make real changes in ourselves, good intentions cost us nothing… and that’s why the road to hell is paved with useless coins. On the other hand, making a conscious effort to change – […]

We need never accept the presence of anything in us that wants us to ache over who we are — or are not — for it is given to us to outgrow ourselves anytime that we awaken enough to see […]

Until we learn how to look upon adversity in life as being our secret benefactor, then all that we identify with — as good fortune — must, in time, assume the role of being our antagonist; for nothing in this […]

The simple reason why we are always the last one to see the truth about ourselves is because we are always the first one to look away.

1. I believe the more I comfort and fill myself with thoughts of a “brighter tomorrow,” the better off I am, but I can see… all discontentment belongs to an inconsolable level of self that doesn’t exist without seeking something […]