Letting Go with Guy Finley
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It wasn’t terribly long ago, before this world got as sick as it is now, that men and women were dedicated to the preparation of the soul, to an understanding that when the time came to leave the body, they …Read More

Much as we might find ourselves on a hillside watching helplessly as an approaching storm overtakes where we stand, there are times when we know a sorrow is coming but are unable to get out from beneath its pain. Sorrow …Read More

Why is there always something lurking in our minds that’s often unhappy and dissatisfied with how the moment is going? “Things shouldn’t be like this, why is this happening, etc.” As we begin seeing through this lower nature that’s always …Read More

Look closely at what a person struggles with in life; the actual nature of what he or she is fighting to possess, protect, or win. To what does he give his time, most of his attention? To what end her …Read More

Plants in nature are created to be heliotropic, which makes it possible for them to receive the greatest amount of life-giving light possible. It could be said that flowers, grasses and trees keep their “attention” on the sun for as …Read More

True self-study — our spiritual work — is not just about exploring consciousness when we are feeling good, or when we are experiencing something that pleases us. Real freedom involves the willingness to look at ourselves no matter what each moment …Read More

The truths we uncover through self-study gradually strip away all of our false self-conceptions, those mistaken ideas and beliefs about ourselves that have kept us in a war within the world of our own conditioned thought. Clearly, we can’t advance …Read More

Too often it happens that some people lose their interest in self-study. They give up on their inner work because they don’t see the immediate results hoped for. If anything, in their growing awareness of what has always been their …Read More

When we think about our lives, it is clear that we do the same things every day. We get ready in the morning. We eat a meal. Perhaps we go shopping. With such repetition, it’s no time at all before …Read More

When it comes to our inner studies, it’s possible to pass all the tests and still fail the course! What does this mean? Concerted efforts to increase self-knowledge can lead to more effective behavior. We can indeed gain greater control …Read More