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Whenever we will do the best we can — give the very most that we have to give — even though our action may be very far from “perfect” — nevertheless, that action is our part of entering into a celestial …Read More

Much as we might find ourselves on a hillside watching helplessly as an approaching storm overtakes where we stand, there are times when we know a sorrow is coming but are unable to get out from beneath its pain. Sorrow …Read More

Spiritual patience is born in us as we grow to realize that our individual lives are forever being revealed in a great clockwork whose tireless and timeless mainspring is Love. Our part in this inexorable movement of life is not …Read More

It is a gift of spirit to suddenly see something about yourself you had never seen before. By the power of this new awareness, you come to realize that real change in one’s level of consciousness is possible. Now you …Read More

To take just one small action based in best faith, or from some level of a conscious choice that serves what we believe in our heart to be good or right, outweighs a thousand of our best intentions that, on …Read More

It’s obvious that each of us grows physically without any real inner struggle on our part. Our bodies mature; we learn to tie our shoes, and dance, and do gymnastics. Social skills develop naturally. We grow in our mental abilities …Read More

This year’s Talks in the Pines is just 2 weeks away! This is an opportunity to do so much more than just listen to inspiring talks. It’s a chance to actually put into practice the principles that we learn at …Read More

Question: Can a person choose the path of Truth and travel it through life with someone, or must they go it alone? Answer: The answer is that we must both go alone and at the same time allow all relationships …Read More

With few exceptions, the usual focus of our attention and interactions with others is centered on our self and the fulfillment of its desires. “How do Ifeel about you?” “What do I want from him?” or “When will she realize that …Read More

Nothing in reality is fixed; the illusion of being unable to transcend some unchanging nature within you is the work of unseen resistance to the ceaseless transformation that is the matrix of Real Life.