Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
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The title of this must sound like a weird statement. I make my bed every day! To most people this would seem normal, like brushing your teeth every day. But when I was a DoorMat, I rarely made my bed. […]

Do you judge yourself by how you compare to others? Many of us do. That’s a set-up for low self-esteem. There will always be someone thinner, or richer, or more musculare or taller, or who attracts more dates, or who […]

I hear people complain about their friends. Why does she take me for granted? How can he flirt with my girlfriend? Why don’t I get support? Many have friends who are always downers, whining about the same problem with their […]

I have a hand-me-down table and chairs in my dining area. It’s what people see first when they walk into my apartment. I’ve never liked them but they served a purpose. I got used to using this table and chairs […]