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I’ve noticed a common thread in what I hear from many clients that come to me for counseling. They say they’re ready to change. They want to change. They have to change. They know it for certain. We talk. They see what they need to do and make an attempt. But when their worlds don’t begin to revolve in a different direction right away, they get badly discouraged and some give up. Or they get negative about getting what they want. That tells the Universe that they’re not ready to wait for the right time and they don’t trust it to happen. So it doesn’t!

I’ve learned that the Holy Grail quality for achieving change is PATIENCE.

There are many other qualities necessary to move forward and improve your life, succeed, and get what you want. But having the fortitude to wait for what you want is the glue that keeps it all together. It’s hard to persevere without patience. Good results are rarely quick, which is better, because when they come, they stick for longer. Patience allows time for growth.

But we like instant gratification and want results immediately! Improving habits takes time.

There’s a low success rate for dieting because we lose interest if we’re not thin in a month. Fortify your patience to go the distance if you want a successful journey into self like I had. I took the long, slow route for long-term results. Forget instant gratification. Patiently look forward to the rest of your life as a happy, empowered person.

Frustration is a patience buster. Control it by savoring each baby step.

Revel in the slightest control over habits. Even if progress stalls, be proud if you don’t permanently regress to old ways. It’s hard to break habits. Patience allows you to. The great Mahatma Gandhi said, “ To lose patience is to lose the battle.” And the battle may be with yourself—to give up or hang in! When I was DoorMat I’d hear someone speak and get motivated to change. But if nothing happened right away, I’d decide it wouldn’t happen and stop trying. Then I’d get angry at myself for not changing fast—until I finally chose to hang in. Developing patience allowed me the time I needed to build some good self-esteem and stay on the road out of DoorMatville.

Benjamin Franklin said, “He that can have patience can have what he will.”

When you feel ready to make a change, you may feel an urge to push fast to the next level. But often you’re not ready. You need the patience to develop your skills or self-esteem or self-love, etc. so that you can keep moving forward. Take your time. Appreciate each baby step on the road to a more empowered life. Tell the Universe you’ll trust that you’ll get what you need by being patient and you will get what you need.

Abe Lincoln said, “Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.”

When things take longer than you’d like, reassure yourself that you’ll have what you need at the right time. Building faith was the best fuel for my patience. I truly believe in my heart that I’ll get what I need so I’m willing to wait for the right time. You have your whole life to get where you want to go. The most important step is to get on the path. Be patient and develop yourself, your career, your confidence, etc,, a little at a time. That’s the best way to increase your chance of longevity. Trying to go fast can burn you out fast. Change that’s done slowly has a better shot at being permanent.

It took me many years to get where I am now and it was worth the time it took!

Create a baby step progress list. Write down each little thing you do to move yourself forward. Pat yourself on the back for each. And relish each teensy step forward and each bit of progress you can maintain. Losing 10 pounds fast and then gaining it back fast isn’t satisfying for long. But losing a half pound a week that stays off means 26 pounds in a year. Patience is not only a virtue, it’s a blessing to have it! And, it sends a strong message of faith that tells the Law of Attraction to bring it on at the right time!

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