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Marvin Olasky spoke at the Discovery Institute yesterday and I had the opportunity to bounce off him a small heresy I’ve been cultivating. Olasky is the editor of World Magazine, a conservative Christian biweekly that I admire, and provost of […]

To conservatives who this morning are decrying Obama’s Cairo speech for making nice with Islam, I would ask, realistically, what would you have had him say? Should he have condemned Islam, really raked it over the coals, as some conservative […]

Perhaps as an antidote to Jewish histrionics in the context of the Pope’s Jerusalem visit, the Jerusalem Post carries a refreshing interview with Rabbi Norman Lamm of Yeshiva University, a prominent personality in centrist Orthodoxy. Rabbi Lamm has always struck […]

Now the criticism of Pope Benedict is that in speaking in memory of Holocaust victims at Yad Vashem, he was “restrained, almost cold.” Can anyone direct me to a video link where the former Cardinal Ratzinger appears unrestrained and full […]

Would Pope Benedict accept an invitation to edit the next speech given by Israeli former chief rabbi Israel Meir Lau? No, I don’t think he would. It would be beneath his dignity.  Yet when Benedict comes to Israel and speaks at […]

A function of this blog is correcting mistaken views about Judaism held by Jews. The same reader comment that prompted me to declare myself guilty of being “Christian-friendly” also castigated Eric Cohen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center for having […]

Jews are funny. Responding to my post on a certain strain even in Orthodox Judaism that resists accepting the implications of our being in exile, galut, a reader shot back that I must be some kind of Uncle Tom since […]

Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and sometimes hailed as the world’s smartest man, is reported “very ill” and as having been rushed to the hospital. Newspaper writers are working on obituaries. An interesting sidelight, that one hopes will not prove poignant […]

I promised you that over Shabbat I would read Spengler’s essay from First Things, “Christian, Muslim, Jew,” and I did on Friday night after dinner. It is a very interesting and characteristically learned discourse on the religious philosophy of Franz […]