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Did you ever think you’d see those two names juxtaposed? I watched Beck’s CPAC speech online just now all the way through — an hour plus. Beck by virtue of his headlining CPAC appearance has been more or less designated as the […]

I was wondering when this would happen — to me! I’ve occasionally donned phylacteries, a/k/a tefillin, en route aboard an airplane to pray in the morning, per Jewish tradition. You don’t want to do it on an airplane since it’s […]

At last, I have something to say about Tiger Woods! And I have mathematician and bon vivant David Berlinski to thank. There’s been an unwritten law in force around the Internet the past few weeks that every blogger must register impassioned […]

There’s an absurd Internet debate going on among Jews seeking on the most ridiculous grounds to impugn Joe Lieberman’s Jewishness for standing athwart ObamaCare and yelling “Stop!” In the debate about health-care reform, they demand to know, why can’t he […]

I review Norman Podhoretz provocative and engaging new book, Why Are Jews Liberals?, in the current issue of National Review. (By subscription only for the moment but you can read the review on the Discovery Institute website.) In a nutshell, my answer […]

There are any number of angles you could take on the sensational story of Robert Joe Halderman’s unsuccessful bid to extort $2 million from David Letterman. I was struck by Halderman’s astonishing madness, if he is guilty as charged, in thinking he […]

If you’re ever given a choice between seeing one of two doctors about a health concern, with all else about them being apparently equal, you’d be well advised to choose the older one. Oh but won’t the young guy have […]

I’ve often thought the controversy around capital punishment, with life imprisonment as the proposed alternative, has things backward. It’s not the former that should be controversial but the latter. The sickening Phillip Garrido/Jaycee Dugard story — of child kidnapping, imprisonment, […]

In the always lively Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Rabbi Elliot Dorff writes in a cover essay that “support for universal health care is an imperative in Jewish law.” Is it now? On health care reform, Rabbi Dorff has his […]

Now those crazed “birthers” are demanding to know if President Obama is circumcised, by way of establishing his country of origin! Can you believe the chutzpah? The excellent Tablet web magazine points this out. What sane and decent American would […]