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Don’t miss my essay over at First Things on the mission of the Jews to the world. This, I think, the key idea that the Jewish community needs to absorb at this very unusual cultural moment, for the time is […]

I’m preoccupied by the old wives’ tale that Judaism has no missionary or conversionary genes in its spiritual DNA. This is one of those untruths that gets repeated so often, it’s taken for granted even by many thoughtful Jews. Maimonides, […]

Yesterday, 16 top American Jewish leaders, representing 14 major Jewish organizations, met with Barack Obama in the White House. They had the ear of the president of the United States. From news reports, it seems they chose to talk about […]

A remarkable opinion piece by Joel Alperson and carried by JTA includes this observation: I’ve collected the mission statements of the largest 17 Jewish federations in North America, and not one mentions “God,” “Torah” or “Judaism.” Nor do the mission […]

That’s the simple lesson from the Rabbi Manis Friedman affair, which, if you haven’t looked into it, you’re probably better off. What on earth was he thinking? It will blow over quickly, but what a bad day for Chabad. And […]

Recently a particularly thoughtful commenter on this blog mentioned in passing that he identifies as a Noachide, that is, a Gentile believer in Torah. I was so interested to hear this that I wrote to him and asked for his […]

Jay Michaelson has an interesting column in the Forward about the flood of recent books by Jews seeking to argue with Jesus and Christianity: [T]hese past few years have seen a small mountain of Jesus books arrive on my desk, […]

So you still think Judaism doesn’t seek to influence the spiritual path that non-Jews are on? That Jews have no plan of “conversion” in mind for the rest of the world? That Judaism has no “mission” to humanity? This week’s […]

Tomorrow, according to Biblical tradition, is the anniversary of the splitting of the Red Sea in 1313 BCE, when Pharaoh’s army pursuing the escaped Israelite slaves was hurled into the sea by God and drowned. Jews read the relevant passages […]