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NPR asked me to do a short memo to the president-elect. I chose to do it on the dog he should choose… and why. Check it out.

John McCain’s band of white advisers had best take a stroll down the lane of African-American oratorical history before they launch their next anti-Obama missive. [This is not to suggest that there is anything racial about McCain’s ad. I’m sure […]

How different are they? Really? James Dobson and Barack Obama? On the face of it there is little, save their shared humanity, that seems to unite the two men. From their skin color to their positions on abortion, gay marriage, […]

Two things of note. First, John DiIulio is back. In the 1990s, DiIulio emerged as one of the most consequential voices in public policy. Articles like this one and this one and this one and scores of others challenged the […]

A former soldier, a Christian, continues the conversation on waterboarding and the Christian conscience: For me, there are some fundamental challenges that national security issues present to a Christian world-view. Being a former citizen soldier, I have already been forced […]

An intense article about Blackwater and its founder Erik Prince in the newly-remodeled version of Newsweek. Prince’s casual mingling of his Christian faith with his “private security firm” has always struck me as just a little bit odd. I try […]

A year ago, when Tempting Faith was published, one of the things that received a lot of attention was my call for evangelicals to “fast” from politics. Here is a snippet: I’m not talking about a permanent retreat from politics. […]

After saying it was sticking by the policy to only allow “approved” religious books in prisons, it seems the government has changed its mind: After the details of the removal became widely known this month, Republican lawmakers, liberal Christians and […]

You really can find absolutely anything on the Web. Anything. For instance, an entry entitled “Why I Have a Little Crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad” . The writer, Sally Kohn, begins: I know I’m a Jewish lesbian and he’d probably have […]

I’ve posted my last email to Hanna Rosin over at Slate. It has been a wonderful exchange and I look forward to her final response later today. Here is part of what I had to say. To read it all, […]